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No Upfront Costs and No Fees until You Win

How much does a Social Security Attorney cost?

There is an unfortunate misconception that all attorneys are expensive and if you don’t have expendable income you can’t afford representation. When someone is applying for social security benefits it means they, or a family member, are disabled and can’t work. In many cases they may have been out of work for a while, which means finding money to pay an attorney to help them get their benefits seems impossible, which is why social security attorneys do not collect their fees until they win your disability claim. Whether you are applying for SSDI (Social Security disability) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income), we will work on your case without making you pay until the end of the case.

Even if your case goes on for years, we do not get paid until it is over and won.

Hidden fees you should be aware of! How to keep your attorney fees low!

Not all Social Security attorneys are alike, however. Many will charge upfront fees to start you case, and many national law firms will incorporate a wide range of fees for things such as airfare, hotel stays, postage, filing fees, etc. When looking for someone to represent your case, it’s best to find someone close to home who you can talk to in person, or if you cannot leave your home, make a house call. This will eliminate excess out-of-state attorney fees, travel fees, and other expenses that could arise from phone calls, fees for getting your medical records, postage, etc.

You need an attorney who can guide you to the fastest resolution.

A local attorney who has strong connections in the medical community where you live will be able to build your case quickly and efficiently.

You also need an experienced Social Security attorney who has a long-established history of winning their cases.

Try to avoid large firms who often assign a younger, less experienced attorney to your case.

At Renda Law our goal is help you win your case as quickly as possible and get the benefits you and/or your family deserve.

We are local;

We do not charge any upfront costs or fees;

Initial consultations are free;

We can make house calls if necessary;

We are familiar with the doctors and medical professionals in the Tacoma area very well and can guide you to those who will provide the documentation you need to win your case;

We are familiar with the judges and the local judicial system;

And, we have been practicing Social Security law for more than 28 years.

When looking for a Social Security attorney to help you win your case, call Renda Law. We’re here to help you win!


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