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Many people are overwhelmed by the Social Security Disability application process. This isn't very surprising when you consider how frustrating the process can be. Each year, the Social Security Administration receives millions of claims for Social Security Disability benefits and approximately 70 percent of these claims are denied during the initial stage of the application process.

The need for a lawyer becomes very important when your initial claim for Social Security Disability is denied, however, if you are considering filing for Social Security it is always in your best interest to contact a professional who can give you tips and provide you with options to consider before you even begin. At Renda Law we want to work with you from the start. If we can guide you at the beginning of your case, chances are we can win it sooner – getting you your well-deserved benefits faster!

The issue of representation is really a no-brainer. If your initial claim for Social Security disability is denied you will have to go through an appeal process. People who have legal representation at this stage are often more successful in being approved for benefits than those who decide to represent themselves.

We are experienced and fully understand medical and vocational rules and how medical evidence is evaluated, and what kind of statement should be obtained from a doctor who has treated you. You need someone who is very familiar with Social Security rules, regulations, and case law, not to mention how decisions are made by disability examiners.

We will ensure that you have a fair hearing and are honestly represented. We’re here to help you win!

Remember, we’re local, and we’re familiar the doctors and medical professionals in this area and can guide you as you go. Applying for Social Security benefits does not have to be frustrating when you have an advocate working for You.

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