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Why Getting Medical Treatment Can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Seeing a doctor can help establish documentation of a disability that will be useful in the application process.  Medical evidence is the critical element in winning cases.  You won't win if you can't prove you're disabled.  Solid medical records are the only reliable way to supply that proof. However, medical documentation can only be generated if you're being treated.

This is another important point about treatment: If medication is prescribed for you and you don't take it, you're putting a noose around your own neck and your ability to be approved. Aside from the obvious medical implications, a disability examiner or judge will have no basis on which to evaluate the true severity of your condition. If you take medicine and you still can't work, your disability is clear. If you haven't taken the medicine, there's an open question. That means at least a delay and possibly a denial.

If you've stopped taking prescribed medication because you're having side effects or can't tolerate it for some other reason, then address that openly with your doctor.  Don't just arbitrarily decide not to take it, because there may be serious medical consequences, in addition to damaging your opportunity to collect benefits.  As obvious as this may seem, it is a relatively common problem encountered in the application process.

Keep this in mind — it's very difficult to win benefits if you aren't seen regularly by a medical professional.  The lesson is:  Cooperate with the process, comply with your doctor's and attorney's advice, to do what it takes to win.

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