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Can You Still Get Social Security Benefits If You Work Part Time?

It's possible to work part time and qualify for benefits, as long as your earnings don't exceed the substantial gainful activity limitation of approximately $1,170 per month in 2019.  This amount is usually slightly increased each year to keep up with the cost of living.

 With both SSDI and SSI cases, some claimants suffer from conditions that enable them to work part time, but they are unable to handle a regular job. This is frequently the situation with those who have serious back injuries or mental health conditions. They can work for a day or two and then need several days after that to recover.  If you're in this category of applicants, you can still get benefits, depending on how much you work and earn.  The amount of SSI benefits you receive may be reduced due to your income, but you'll still be financially ahead of the game with an award.  SSDI benefits are not reduced by income so long as it is below the substantial gainful activity limitation amount discussed above.

 You're better off working if you can.  Most of us feel better about ourselves when we're employed and have a daily purpose.  You have more money and generally an improved outlook on your life and future.

 If you're receiving SSD benefits and you're unsure of your ability to work, you can request a trial work period.  This can extend up to nine months and will allow you to work without jeopardizing your eligibility for benefits. If you can't sustain three months or more on the job, you can have it considered as an unsuccessful work attempt and still qualify for benefits.

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