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Why You Should Hire A Local Versus A National Social Security Attorney

A quick internet search will quickly provide law firms that specialize in Social Security disability claims. The national firms will often come up first, as they pay big bucks to make sure they appear at the top of the list, but when given the choice, it’s always best to hire a local Social Security disability attorney.

The Benefits Of A Local Social Security Disability Attorney

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Although Social Security claims can be handled by an attorney from any state, there are certain benefits to having an in-state lawyer represent you. One of the most obvious is that I am here for face-to-face meetings. Working with a local Social Security disability attorney allows you to meet with the person who is handling your claim. This has many advantages including being able to discuss your case in depth before the hearing. When you work with a national firm, you run the risk of being passed off to a junior attorney or paralegal, and typically you never meet the actual attorney handling your case. This hardly sets you up for a success. You are nothing more than a name and a case number to these firms. Furthermore, there may be nuances to your case that are better communicated in person and hiring a local attorney to assist you gives you the advantage of having a physical office to visit, to deliver documentation to and ask your questions.

I am familiar with the Judges in your area

All Social Security cases are first heard by an administrative law judge. Each judge has a different way of handling cases and it can help your case immensely to have a local lawyer who knows the judge and their process, which allows me to present your case the way the judge prefers. I also have a very high approval rating in Washington, the judges know me and respect my work.

I Know the Local SSA Staff and Doctors

As a local attorney I have contacts at the local Social Security offices and with local doctors and specialists. These relationships can be very beneficial to your case and can be highly influential in how your case is prepared and handled.

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