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Your Social Security Hearing

If you were denied disability benefits and then also denied benefits at your reconsideration, your claim will progress on to a disability hearing. Social Security Administration (SSA) hearings are not like regular courtroom hearings. An administrative law judge (ALJ) presides over a disability hearing.

These hearings are not open to the public, so anyone accompanying you will not be able to join you and must wait outside. These hearings are usually held in small conference rooms or sometimes by video conferencing.

Those present for a disability hearing will be the claimant, your attorney or advocate, the ALJ, an assistant who records the proceedings, and there could be an expert witness hired by the SSA to respond to questions related to your case.

While the process can vary significantly depending on the reason a claim was denied and the medical problems of the claimant, this is typically what you can expect at your Social Security hearing.

This can be intimidating and slightly nerve-wracking if you are not fully prepared, which is why we HIGHLY recommend having an attorney by your side and on your side. At Renda Law we work to help you prepare for your hearing. We do the paperwork, so you don’t have to. We advise you on what to expect at your hearing, and to make sure you have everything prepared and documented correctly.

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