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How to Choose a Social Security Disability Attorney with a High Success Rate

When searching for an attorney to assist you with your Social Security Disability claim it’s recommended you look for a few key things:

1. They should be local. Someone you can visit and discuss your case with, someone who is familiar with local medical professionals, and someone who knows the legal system in your county and state.

2. They should have a high success rate. Many large firms will talk about “a high win ratio of 90-99%.” Which is unlikely, unless they are only choosing slam dunk cases they know they can win. In fact, there's really no way to get such a high win percentage and any disability attorney that tries to convince you otherwise is not being honest.

More realistically you should choose a Social Security Disability attorney with a 70% or greater win ratio. That's a great win ratio for a disability attorney. It shows they’re honest, they aren’t screening potential new clients, and are genuinely concerned with helping people.

Can a disability lawyer guarantee that every case case will be won? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not every Social Security claim will be accepted as certain criteria must be met. However, if you have an attorney who is willing to discuss your case with you one-on-one, who is willing to go over each detail, lend guidance, and make local suggestions for medical professionals who can assist with your particular claim – you will have a pretty good chance at winning your case and getting the benefits you’ve worked hard for.

Todd R. Renda of Renda Law in Tacoma, WA, has an excellent success rate of 80%, he’s local, and he’s willing to discuss your case, help you determine all your options, and will work to fight for your well-deserved benefits.

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