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Do CE Exams Result in a Denial for Disability?

Many Social Security Disability claimants assume that attending a consultative exam (CE) will be harmful to their case, since the doctor performing the exam is not their own doctor and is paid by Social Security to conduct the examination.  However, in my experience these exams are often beneficial to establishing your case.  First, the exam is free and could cost thousands of dollars if you were to pay for the exam out-of-pocket.  Second, many claimant’s do not have access to regular health care, so they could have a difficult time establishing the medical evidence necessary to win their case. In such cases, the CE is a wonderful way to get medical proof, without incurring any expense.  Third, these examiners do not usually exhibit any bias against claimants.  In many cases, these examiners will actually offer medical opinions that are more favorable to the claimant than his or her own doctor.  Lastly, the Social Security regulations require that you attend a CE if requested.  Consequently, your refusal to attend could result in a denial of your claim. 

After a CE, the SSA will determine if you qualify for SSDI and/or SSI. However, even if the doctor says you’re disabled, the Social Security Administration doesn’t always agree.

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you need to clearly demonstrate that you are disabled to the point that you can no longer be expected to continue doing any type of work that you have ever done before, and that you could not reasonably be expected to learn any kind of job that is available to people of your educational and experience level anywhere in the country.

The process of applying for Social Security benefits can get complicated and frustrating. Which is why it can be very helpful to hire a Social Security Disability attorney to walk you through the process and help you get the benefits you deserve. Here at Renda Law we listen and care about you and your specific situation.

The consultation exam with your doctor

Your consultation with your own doctor is important.  By law your doctor must document each medical consultation and procedure in your chart.  Social Security will request a copy of your medical records from each of your medical providers.  Remember, Social Security adjudicators are not doctors. They don’t make real judgment calls unless their guidelines specifically address that situation. What they need to see is how your condition limits your ability to walk, stand, sit, push, pull, lift, interact with others, and perform other activities that are important in the workplace.  Consequently, discuss your limitations in doing these workplace activities with your doctor so that he or she will focus on your limitations when authoring your medical records. 

Why Documentation Matters

When it comes to medical documentation for your Social Security Disability claim, the more the better. You need as much information about your disabling conditions as possible, and a complete analysis of how these conditions limit you. It’s also a good idea to be able to demonstrate that you have been following a doctor’s orders and that your condition has failed to improve sufficiently enough to allow you to perform meaningful work. In many cases, SSA adjudicators can’t approve claims if the disabled person has not complied with a doctor’s instructions.

At Renda Law we work with disability claims on a regular basis and are thoroughly familiar with the SSA’s procedures and requirements. In many cases, we can communicate directly with your doctor to make sure that your diagnosis is stated in a manner that will satisfy the SSA’s requirements for approving disability benefits.


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