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Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied? Renda Law in Tacoma Can Help!

A denial from Social Security does not necessarily mean you are not disabled. Most disability claimants can expect to receive a denial after they file a claim for benefits with the Social Security Administration. Statistically, initial claims have a denial rate of approximately 70%, and reconsiderations (the first step of an appeal) are denied at an even higher rate (up to 87%). A denial means that you should appeal the decision, and you will have the best chance if you hire an attorney.

A notice of denial from the Social Security Administration will contain a brief description of your medical condition, the impairments that were considered, the medical and non-medical records that were considered, and an explanation for the denial. For instance, the explanation might say that there are jobs other than your prior work that you can still do. Some denial notices will include a "technical rationale," a full explanation of the medical issues that led to the denial decision and usually a discussion of your residual functional capacity (RFC) and past jobs.

When someone receives this type of denial it can be frustrating but should not be discouraging. The fact that your disability claim was denied does not necessarily mean that you aren't disabled. The most basic fact of the SSA disability process is simply that most cases will be denied, often because there wasn't enough medical evidence to prove the case, forcing claimants to go through the disability appeal process.

Disability claimants should never resign themselves to giving up on an SSDI or SSI claim. Quite the opposite, the moment a claim is denied means that you can appeal the denial, and the sooner you appeal, the sooner Social Security will schedule a hearing, which gives you the best chance of winning your claim.

At Renda Law in Tacoma we recommend contacting us before you place your claim so we can guide you, but if you have already been denied, don’t wait! Contact us today for your FREE consultation, so we can assist you on how to best appeal your denial.

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